The Word of the day is Backpfeifengesicht - Look Forward Podcast

January 28, 2016

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Jay is joined by Andy from the Flawedcast Network to discuss this week's topics. The two talk about Bernie Sanders' involvement in the ACA creation, Obama's new law on solitary confinement, Planned Parenthood video tape trial, Michael Bloomberg, sumo wrestling (seriously) and much more.


The Snow Hillbilly is Back - Look Forward Podcast

January 21, 2016

Jay and Rob are back to discuss the latest GOP and Dem debate highlights, primary polls are shifting in the last two weeks before voting begins, the water poisoning of a small town in Michigan, the economics of fighting ISIS, and much more.


I Am Militia - Look Forward Podcast

January 4, 2016

Jay, Terrence, and Micah discuss the militia situation in Oregon, Trump being used in an ad for terrorists, Martin O'Malley, the drug war that wages in Mexico, and much more.