Look Forward - Ep65 - Prisoner’s Dilemma

March 29, 2017

This week on Look Forward, the guys are back with special guest, Brad from our other show Dense Pixels (video games). The three talk about the epic GOP failure to pass the ACHA healthcare replacement, more Russian investigations, and the fallout from trying to get Gorsuch on the supreme court.


Look Forward - Ep64 - Drain the Wall

March 20, 2017

This week on Look Forward, the two hosts are broadcasting from inside Obama's shadow government to bring you news on the CBO scoring of the GOP proposed healthcare plan, the Trump administration's proposed budget, Rex Tillerson vs. North Korea, and much more!


Look Forward - Ep63 - Political Lunatics

March 13, 2017

This week on Look Forward, the week starts off OK for the Trump administration but then goes off the rails yet again! We are only in WEEK 7 and there is finally a GOP proposed healthcare plan, massive cuts to the state department, uptick in Yemen bombings, and much, MUCH more!!!!


Look Forward - Ep62 - He’s LITERALLY Hitler!

March 7, 2017

This week the dynamic duo of political podcasting is back! Trump's week starts off "reasonable" but like every single week before it that lasts about 8 minutes. The host discuss a little know person who got tossed out of the Trump administration this week, Jeff Sessions commits perjury, there is a new travel ban, and Ben Carson proves that being smart on paper is worthless.